Articles by tobasoft

So for some time, this place was taken over. That was horrifying. It’s not that I stopped writing. I just stopped caring.


These are all the likes and loves. Contained in just a few short passes. Sworn to all that dwell above, Whispered wish love everlasting. Notice that I didn’t notice. Little signs could never show this.…

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High Branches

Where love ends, and war begins, Dignified retreat remains. Or blast the remnants high above. For all to see and pity. Salt the earth and slowly leave. Destroy even the memory. I never could have…

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Remind Me.

Don’t forget that I don’t know you. Even when the years have passed. Meet me, again, and ever over, Even when the years have passed. Gently introduce the you, The self that shines when serving…

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In the mean time, I must exist. At least. To feast on scraps, apologetic, Sorry that I never meant it, Feeding on the bits presented. All of that food, none of it you. Alone that…

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