I would laugh at the fire,
and scoff at the rain.
The weather that fell,
I would take for granted.

Perhaps I should leave my umbrella today.
The forecast called for mild kelvin,
I can’t tell the tears from rain,
or both born pain from unexpected.

Why is the unicorn so rare?
Because until it dies, it lives nowhere.

And that was, that was, THAT was you.
silly, lovely, becca boo.
my worst day turned to laughs with you,
the worth of it you never knew.

So becca, pardon me a moment,
To james I must apologize.
I made light of folksy torment.
and plans we had that went awry.

I saw fire smiling brightly,
I saw rain that danced beside me,
I saw lightning shining brightly,
I saw love that held us tightly,

I don’t want to say goodbye.
I don’t want to see the end.
I’ll pretend as long as I can.

but I always thought that I’d see you again.

(I miss you so much Becca dear. I’m so glad I knew you. I’ve cried with you, I never dreamed that I might cry for you)