Articles from May 2007

Little Fish.

Man on Fire

Man on Fire. If your clothes catch on fire, Run very quickly to the store, And buy a bag of large marshmallows, Waving your arms along the way, Don’t stop moving for even a moment…

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“Last night, at the Miss Universe contest, Miss USA got up in front of the crowd and gave her speech.  They all booed her.  Kelly, this year the contest was held in Mexico City, they can’t…

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Let Go.

Well, going against every rule I have in my rulebook, I have not cut out the pain. That’s pretty much the only rule I guess.  Hurt me, and I go bye bye. I don’t know…

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In memoriam.

Devastated. John is devastated. Tobas died in a terrible car wreck today.  His heart was ripped out of his chest. Services will be held over the memorial day weekend.  How fitting. Tobas was stupid.  he…

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