Articles from April 2007

Ode to rest.


I don’t know how many of you are D and D nerds out there, but I will proudly admit to knowing more about faerun than the average n00b.  With that said, my favorite character in…

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My Class.

Should the good doctor actually direct my class to this corner of cyberspace, I bid thee welcome classmates, and invite you to browse the observation and angry rant section, as I have several articles written…

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It’s been a bit quiet here for a few days, but I’ll be updating soon enough.  I fully intended on going on a Imus rant, but I’m just flat out tired of it by now.…

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Eh, it appears I spoke too soon.  The transcript will have to wait another week or so due to the audio not being available in full.  Have no fear, in the meantime there are a…

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