Whew.  I had planned on telling the story of what happened to the guy I worked with, but I am so disgusted at the moment, that I may have to hold off on that tale.  Mainly because it is about decency and loyalty, which unfortunately, I am unfamiliar with.


Ho, ho, hoes
Merry Christmas little chil’rens,
Papa papi has gifts to give!

Lil’ balls to sink and play,
Lil’ gats to load today,
Many toys to make daddy angry,
Lil’ portions keep me hungry,

I don’t care, what happens to you,
No daddy, but thats what lil’ mami calls me,
I’ll just be here ’til I’m through,

I have no pride, no dignity,
Take something so precious,
For me,

Steal two lives, with my accomplice,
She should know better,
Let’s be irresponsible together,

Funny thing that is,
You were wondering what we had in common,
Lil’ white and grotesque brown,

But there it is, in plain sight,
Not giving a flying fuck,
Who goes down.


Oh, do I sound bitter?  It’s unhealthy isn’t it?

Fuck anyone that thinks that,

The only thing that is unhealthy is a loving father denied a life with his children, this is a fucking disgrace.