Public Pool

See the same things every day. Never seen another way. Persons pictured perfectly distant. Lovely glowing bluish hue. Fingertips coordinated, dancing words unspoken. Silent rhythm syncopated, communication broken. No one speak. No one see. No…

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United Notions.

No bird sings. They never sing. Ignorant interpreting. Pretty shades of argument, without the weight of common sense. Morning wars we all ignore. To give our days a lovely score.

No Rain

No spider ever died with limbs spread wide. It curls up so small. All the webs and silk and string, spun alone and empty. Does the spider wish to be, Another thing? A bumblebee? Surrounded…

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Nothing left but wishful thinking. Tears denied by forceful blinking. Drops as clear as what I thought, Cloudy dreams I never sought. I would play every cliche, I would say, All of the things I…

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