another place


this is what we all do. whether quietly internalizing, or yelling, screaming, criticizing. this is what we all do, even you. the stream of things of little sense. the thing we label consciousness. the soup…

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I wonder why you smile sometimes. Surrounded by what shouldn’t be. Not all that comes of fate unraveled, belongs upon the midden heap. Lovely bits of life leftover, left to love when love is bolder.…

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what a surprise to see you dear, still, so far, yet somehow near. what a surprise to feel alive, to know that something strong survived. fancy that, the flights of fancy, take me to the…

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You can fall in love with sounds. A voice for instance. A tone. A certain pitch. average comfort left unmeasured. I can still hear yours. Surprising bass from fragile beauty. Laughter heard from anything. A…

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Dead or Alive

…..but even the passive becomes the aggressive if longing is love, and love is expected. But these are just feelings devoid of the meaning, missing the actions that gauge satisfaction. knowing full well the broken…

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how does one tell stars at night, that one appreciates the light. the joy that one has ever been, shining out from deep within. the constant stream set sparkling, to witness bearing all of it.…

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