Delayed Punctuation.

What is a songbird without a song?
A fluttering that moves and eats.
Silently sustaining self.

No early trillingĀ invitation,
No heart that beats in desperation,
No eyes to see the devastation.

But It was seen!
And I am broken!
the part of me that held a token.

A sliver,
A shard!
A tiny piece.

Of all the things you mean to me.

All theĀ songs I’ll never sing.
The child I smiled imagining.
None that now will ever be.

I know.
This all happened long ago.
But it was sharp in that moment,
just now.

it was just a small crack.
but God I felt it!
It was so loud.
but I haven’t shouted once.
Not once.

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  1. BWW says:

    I vowed to have a good night,
    Not even great, just good.
    …with all my might.
    I said ‘I can do this’ and thought of anyone but you.
    Then in, the pillows, and the towel, I threw.

    Maybe a thousand times I’ve said
    that today I’d get you out of my head

    There’s an unchained melody that won’t relent
    It’s beautiful, but too true. Too much time spent.
    My favorite song ruined because I love you.
    But thank God now I understand the tune.

    This longing is my personality now
    Emptiness is my unwanted vow

    For all the hurt and wishful thought
    I won’t pretend that it was not.
    Three eyes of blue and one of green
    That still see a happy gleam.
    They don’t know that this is just the start
    Of the joyfulness that’s in my heart.
    Even just remembering
    The hope that “us” would always bring.
    For me, it’s there and I don’t care
    How far it’s drifted from your stare.

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