Monthly Archives: March 2017

Delayed Punctuation.

What is a songbird without a song?
A fluttering that moves and eats.
Silently sustaining self.

No early trilling invitation,
No heart that beats in desperation,
No eyes to see the devastation.

But It was seen!
And I am broken!
the part of me that held a token.

A sliver,
A shard!
A tiny piece.

Of all the things you mean to me.

All the songs I’ll never sing.
The child I smiled imagining.
None that now will ever be.

I know.
This all happened long ago.
But it was sharp in that moment,
just now.

it was just a small crack.
but God I felt it!
It was so loud.
but I haven’t shouted once.
Not once.

Remind Me.

Don’t forget that I don’t know you.
Even when the years have passed.
Meet me, again, and ever over,
Even when the years have passed.

Gently introduce the you,
The self that shines when serving strangers,
make another introduction,
mark a decade, day that passed.

Still again so nice to meet you,
As polite as taught to treat you.
Courtesy my lovely stranger.
Again I give to you the same.

Forgive the things I have forgotten.
The lovely that becomes the rotten.
Remind me of yourself anew.
Again, again, again, again.

Remind me of the me that met you.
Even when the years have passed.

Remember that I’ll always love you.
even when the years have passed.