I wonder why you smile sometimes.
Surrounded by what shouldn’t be.
Not all that comes of fate unraveled,
belongs upon the midden heap.

Lovely bits of life leftover,
left to love when love is bolder.
Knowing better comes with older,
even though it knows no better.

feeling is not knowing ever.
stolid through the nasty weather.

waves that crash against together,
(insert hyperbole ‘forever’)
leave again, no, not that never.
I would not survive the clever.

I could not make the excuse,
of hurt that ties a gentle noose.
of necks that nuzzle near the nothing,
somehow finding sometimes something.
curling into lovely loving.
feel the sudden warmth against me.
curse the day that says it can’t be.

in the meantime I will sleep.
to my counsel I will keep.
for all but one.
these words are cheap.
one day, this, you may delete.

but just this.
right here is okay to start.
if it doesn’t line up.