Monthly Archives: December 2015


how does one tell stars at night,
that one appreciates the light.
the joy that one has ever been,
shining out from deep within.

the constant stream set sparkling,
to witness bearing all of it.
those observations leading to,
the comfort that is seeing you.

banish burdens balanced badly.
simply smiling softly seen.

endearing quirks presented gladly.
soul presented sans machine.

let these words breathe everything,
let the air itself be true,
moments worth remembering,
all of them spent loving you.


I would forget you if I could.
Even though I love you.
I would be free from things that can’t be,
the only I refuse to see.

Lasting lifetimes left alone,
bonds that form and never know
the end that never knew itself
that stranger, always someone else
that love, that love,
that memory.
those soft bits left inside of me

the years that mock this tenderness,
this mind aware of common sense,
this heart that hates the metaphor
pressing down
ignore, ignore

eyes not blind refuse to bind,
the awful empty thing inside.
the future that will always wish,
whatever else, your happiness
a light that ever shines the way
from now until the end of days.