Monthly Archives: November 2015

facing fiction.

I am just a name to you,

and sometimes a photo too.

I’d like to think that I exist,
a little longer on the list,
I know.
it’s fine.

I have one too.
there you are.

or something like it.

forgive my uninformed conclusions,
all I know are these illusions.
moments framed for mass consumption. dare you make these broad assumptions.

now read this thing.
did you see where I was last week?

…I just got married
look at this drink.
look at this tropical cocktail.

did you notice again how happy I am?
did you see that I was surrounded by friends?
do you now feel unloved and alone at a distance?
knowing that nothing could make any difference?

welcome my friends,
to invisible cliff.
the edge of the things you suddenly wish.

the never ending highlight reel
scrolling faster than you feel
rolling past your yesterday
looking very much today

leaving room for no improvement,
built despair restricting movement,
but tell me that you’re having fun,
lifting expectation ton.

Public Pool

See the same things every day.
Never seen another way.
Persons pictured perfectly distant.
Lovely glowing bluish hue.

Fingertips coordinated,
dancing words unspoken.
Silent rhythm syncopated,
communication broken.

No one speak.
No one see.
No one hear a thing.

Watch the markings find themselves,
when words are ready to appear.
Speak to them without a sound,
shallow waters never fear.