Monthly Archives: July 2014

A place on earth.

Where is the pond that softly sighs,
when I am sitting by its side?
Gentle bits of greenish glow,
of mating and murder and god only knows.

I listen close as beauty sings,
lonely, desperate harmonies.
I feel it close when beauty stings,
and takes the life right out of me.

A brook below begins to babble,
it speaks to me of happy things.
of dancing close around a fire,
swaying to sounds without a source,
of rhythmic pulsing begging motion,
deep within a leafy ocean.

Wild, tangled, laughing branches,
reach across for patient partners.
quietly, I take this chance,
my love, my heart, my heaven waiting,
may I please, have this dance?

Shiny bits of glass.

I have forgotten how to write of hope,
drowning in things that darkness brings.
Resigned to ever sink and float,
going up for air, here and there.

Peering out with electric eyes,
on other lives and love I spy.
Scattered bits of intimacy,
that sometimes I wish were me.

Whether loved and left or left behind,
sweet moments turned to sour times.
All that love proved love is blind,
and love cannot exist unkind.

For everything that made me happy,
For all the times I sat and cried,
and for the times I tell myself,
I’ll be the sparkle of someone’s eye.