Invisible pillow talk, a world across.
We collide in our minds.
You and I.

How could we become, what we’ve become?
Without a word from anyone?

I can’t remember what came before.
I’m not sure.
Wishful thinking?

There is no rhyme for love carelessly spent.
I know of no words to convey that regret.
No way to recover that precious lost time.
No way to give back what never was mine.
No room to accept.

Terra firma en tus ojos.
Maravillas de azul.
I see you see me.
When you say you love me.
There is nothing else I need.

Must I say I’d walk for miles?
Travel far to you by car?
Must I say I’d fly for miles?
Of course I would.

Why, I’d move to China to be with you!
Do you know how much you mean to me?
Had I wings I’d fly to you!
you are my love.
my everything.