I’ve been too busy, going about my business.
A garden grown for a friend I’ve known.
I didn’t stop to smell the roses.
I didn’t notice.

I remember what it felt like to touch you.
You were real.
Not just a flower growing from the ground.
Someone I could put my arms around.

You always liked the things I had to say.
I always told you that I never knew why.
but I appreciated it anyway.

What a sweet soul.
Stolen from us all.

I don’t know how to pray.
but for you I’ll try.

May you find your place in the unknown.
A home consisting of creation.
May bits of you live in this place,
and savor all the fine sensations,
may you stay you.
amidst all this.

and somewhere still live.

In any case.
This is my love.
I send it to the after for you.