Monthly Archives: October 2013

Walking with a Ghost.

I’ve been too busy, going about my business.
A garden grown for a friend I’ve known.
I didn’t stop to smell the roses.
I didn’t notice.

I remember what it felt like to touch you.
You were real.
Not just a flower growing from the ground.
Someone I could put my arms around.

You always liked the things I had to say.
I always told you that I never knew why.
but I appreciated it anyway.

What a sweet soul.
Stolen from us all.

I don’t know how to pray.
but for you I’ll try.

May you find your place in the unknown.
A home consisting of creation.
May bits of you live in this place,
and savor all the fine sensations,
may you stay you.
amidst all this.

and somewhere still live.

In any case.
This is my love.
I send it to the after for you.

Intelligent Design

Observe the posture, curvature overture.
A fine ratio simply made.

A twist of the hips, shoulders square.
Eyes that look from everywhere.

All those sharp angles on such a soft thing.
A fine display simply made.

Every degree in use.
Art for its own sake.
But with your added direction,
my closer inspection,
tells me what I knew before.

Inspiration born of physical form is expected.
And accepted.
As it should be.

So treasure more the beauty.
Living in this reality.
Who can see,
Quite well.

Cry superficial all you like.
But deep down you know I’m right

The Brightside.

It can be so hard to see where you want to be, take me for example. Never buying a single item while taking every sample. Why not stay fed this way? Day after day after day.

I would rather dull my senses, and indulge in pretenses. Kill any lesson I’ve ever learned, remove any wisdom I’ve ever earned, choose the soft over the firm. I think they call this the easy way. The premise of a fatalist, and a catalyst. But I soon forget.

Just as quickly as it came, it leaves just the same. These great ideas I’ve never had. Epiphanies I’ve never kept.

Such are the tides in my mind, salvation sinking circulation, lows and highs, abrupt sensations, and sudden calm, born of an illicit balm.

I’ll be sorry when I’m gone, I can only swim so long, I wish to stay, don’t get me wrong, but I’ll be sorry when I’m gone.