Monthly Archives: August 2013

Lucky Star

Those little twinkling points of light.
Allegedly so far away.
But I can see the things they left me.
Remnants, that burn so brightly.

It reminds me of you.
Across a sea of twinkling drops.
Waves a’thrashing,
crashing, crashing.

Tumbling tsunamis taking too long.
Such violent songs.

Staying afloat amongst these sudden surges.
These sudden urges.

I’d swim across every twinkling star.
All those guiding lights.
Night after night.
After night after night.

But why bother swimming across all those stars?
When you can touch from afar?

I’ll keep telling myself.
I’ll keep touching myself.
It doesn’t mean what you think it means.
Actually it does.

Is this not romance?
Is this not love?

Is this not the photographs I pictured?
Moving, holding, sliding, with you?

I’m almost done love.
No time to internalize.
I’m almost there love.
Hold me close and watch my eyes.

Man of Steel.

I go from zero to hero, at the speed of whiskey.
That shot of regret totally missed me.
The things that I’ll say and the things that I’ll mean,
Won’t last beyond these words.

Just like that.
This rhythm is broken,
Leaving you open,
Desperate and hoping.

Maybe I’ll survive this fall after all.
A terminal velocity I can leave,
An impact that shatters my frame,
Leaving me lame.

The camera on my helmet catches every moment.
Every foot.
Every inch.
Every time it killed me.
And every time it came up empty.

I fall as far as I’ll allow.
Superman couldn’t save me now.