It hurts so much I can hardly breathe.
These things I see.

It’s not like I didn’t know what was there,
For a moment I forgot myself,
It caught me unaware.

Why so patient imagination?
Taking time to torture me.
Unexpected, this sensation,
Somehow this is killing me.

You look so happy.
So I’m happy for you.
It’s been so long that it’s no one new.
I should really be used to..

You know how easy it is for me to leave.
Think nothing of it.
As if I have to tell you.

I just didn’t see that coming.
That’s all.
A stupid little image of intimacy,
Somehow made me bleed.

It’ll pass soon enough.
But right now it kills dear.
So much that I want to record this.
And I want to remember.
These things persevere.