I hope that I can give you caution.
I hope that I can serve a role.
I hope that you will take precaution,
I know my words mean nothing.

I have not explained a thing,
I hope that I escape unscathed.
I have burned without relief.
Enough to last me all my days.

Please see between the poetry.
This text I mean for you and me.
Please, see between the words you read,
This is just too much for me.

Do not mistake this thing you read,
As bitterness, or agony.

Believe it or not, I am grateful to you.
For doing the things that I know I must do,
For doing the things that I wish I could do,
For showing the way to starting anew.

Beginnings and endings and wormholes and spaces.
I’ll see all these things from trillions of places.
I’ll be there for them, the things that were me,
The trillions of pieces I’d fill just to see.

One more glimpse. After me.
Just a quick brush by those beautiful faces.
Whisper I love you and never to fear.
I’ll always, I’ll always, I’ll always be near.