Monthly Archives: July 2013

Snap Shot Gun Shot.

It hurts so much I can hardly breathe.
These things I see.

It’s not like I didn’t know what was there,
For a moment I forgot myself,
It caught me unaware.

Why so patient imagination?
Taking time to torture me.
Unexpected, this sensation,
Somehow this is killing me.

You look so happy.
So I’m happy for you.
It’s been so long that it’s no one new.
I should really be used to..

You know how easy it is for me to leave.
Think nothing of it.
As if I have to tell you.

I just didn’t see that coming.
That’s all.
A stupid little image of intimacy,
Somehow made me bleed.

It’ll pass soon enough.
But right now it kills dear.
So much that I want to record this.
And I want to remember.
These things persevere.


I hope that I can give you caution.
I hope that I can serve a role.
I hope that you will take precaution,
I know my words mean nothing.

I have not explained a thing,
I hope that I escape unscathed.
I have burned without relief.
Enough to last me all my days.

Please see between the poetry.
This text I mean for you and me.
Please, see between the words you read,
This is just too much for me.

Do not mistake this thing you read,
As bitterness, or agony.

Believe it or not, I am grateful to you.
For doing the things that I know I must do,
For doing the things that I wish I could do,
For showing the way to starting anew.

Beginnings and endings and wormholes and spaces.
I’ll see all these things from trillions of places.
I’ll be there for them, the things that were me,
The trillions of pieces I’d fill just to see.

One more glimpse. After me.
Just a quick brush by those beautiful faces.
Whisper I love you and never to fear.
I’ll always, I’ll always, I’ll always be near.


Find me the wise man who can circumvent realism,
In favor of idealism.
And I will show you commitment,
Easily discarded, rather than lived with.

What good is this wisdom admired in theory,
A seed that is planted, covered up and neglected.

Buddha himself stared at walls until weary,
Until even the rocks shone with doubt he reflected.

How many read and apply just these scraps?
Of thoughts bred in context and context that lacks.
How many savor horderves as a meal?
Pieces of thought cut for lasting appeal.

Little is known about humans in fact,
But one thing is sure that all of us lack,
Instinct, intuitively, giving instruction,
Of what should we do, rather than just dictate function.

Or perhaps what is done, is what truly is meant,
In that case to wonder and cruelly lament.
A loving caress offered while one is leaving,
Speaks nothing of mercy given hearts one is cleaving.

An Open Letter.

Dear _____________

I am writing to you today concerning the recent, and drastic, rate changes for student loans. I am certain that my voice is not the only one to have brought this critical issue to your attention, so I urge you, as an official who is dependent on the public vote to hold office, to listen closely.

We are the future. We are the ones sacrificing daily to ensure a brighter tomorrow for this country. We are, the ones who will one day depend on those we lifted to greatness, to hold us safely when we are no longer capable of doing so ourselves. We are all of those things.

We are the people.

We ask you __________, respectfully. Who gains by allowing banks to push our future generations further behind the starting line of life? As your well informed constituents, we are well aware of the tremendous fiscal gain that accompanies the doubling, or more, of college loan interest rates. We are also aware, that as well paid and influential figures, you may not be as concerned about these increases as the general public, and with all due respect, they may in fact result in some personal benefit, be it monetary or owed obligation. Forgive us this assumption. Given the massive irresponsibility in not tending to the needs of our country, and the future generations that will inherit it, and therefore fill these crucial needs, we are hard pressed to find any reason as to why you, our elected representative, would not raise your voice vehemently against this assault on common sense and patriotic responsibility.

This letter serves two purposes ____________. The first being to inform you that the youth of this nation is not nearly as uninformed and apathetic as popular media often portrays us. And second, to remind you that we speak. Often. Through mediums capable of mass transmission undreamed of before now. Not only that, we speak to our parents, we speak to our grandparents, and our neighbors. Our county may have left Mayberry behind decades back, but our sense of community remains as strong as it ever was. Make no mistake __________, we have had enough, and if you continue to sabotage our futures, and the future of our nation, prepare to see a significant shift in the voter numbers and demographics next election. Needless to say, shifted unfavorably towards your campaign.

We are waiting for common sense to prevail, and we are watching to make sure you employ it. We urge you to do the right thing, and respectfully remind you that despite its faults, we truly love our nation, and hope that you too, love it enough to give it the strong future it deserves.