Monthly Archives: June 2013


No me digas amigo ya estamos de fiesta,
De tiempos de huelga, animales de selba,
Somos todos,
y lo que no hamos poco,

Entonces borachos llegamos a loco,
Tomar en la feria, llegamos a feria,
Te veo guapa, bailando tan sola,
Poco a poco preparo la hola,

Bailando, Bailando, suave acerco,
Tratando, y mas, de no parecere cerdo,
No te escondas, somos igual,
Dos mas con bebidas tratando buscar,

Americana tu dices? Que suerte le digo,
Y pronto le doy control al amigo,
Que bien te parecen de lejos chabal,
Que pronto te dejan amar.

The Credits.

Your heart blossoms with hope.
A warmth that spreads throughout your soul.
Joy and wonder and love and everything!
Then slowly the credits begin to roll.

Who wants to face reality?
Not me! Not me!
Give the dreams that poison life,
The never ending fantasy.

Those you meet are out of luck,
None could ever measure up.

Then you say you should have known,
That you would end up all alone.

Again and again and again.
And again.
All your beginnings and all of your ends,
The same, the same, the same, the same.

What a shame dear.
What a shame.

Just leapfrog away.
Another pad awaits that pretty face.
Until it’s time to jump again,
Before the film can reach the end.

So many like you in this sad reality.
To bear the weight of love,
An impossibility.

Mad Lib.

What if my eyes were like my hands
Feeling instead of seeing
What would I find inside you there
Inside out and all about

What if I read the words on you and read them true
Look at me please I’m not pretty
What if I told you that was true
Because inside I felt no one could love me

What if in my haunted house you were just another scare
I left all the punctuation out
Go ahead darling
Put them anywhere

Make me your period or make me your comma
Before I started I knew I wouldn’t bother
So many like you on this yellow brick road
Clicking and clicking and clicking my way home

But before you steal my ruby shoes
Peel yourself and look at you
Is your skin so pretty on the inside
That it would last beyond love dug in from the outside

But human I am and at times I grow lonely
And like most I wish for that one that was only
For me
That’s it that’s all

Inside it’s nothing
Whether or not you could tell the difference
In this instance
Like I said
Forget the structure and forget what you read
Do what you always do love
Just make it you instead