Why wait for an evergreen that is never seen?
It was the beauty of watching the seasons change,
Colors and love and eyes stayed the same.
It seemed that evergreen tree, grew for me.

I have told none of you, of my cold lonely nights,
I hoped that my love would sit here right beside,
In those hospital beds, or in my head.

Maybe she could comfort me, Tell me I have not made a single mistake,
Right away I would know her lies, but rather than see them selfish,
Their purpose I would cherish.

But most of all.

More than any other question that makes me a dancer,

I avoid this answer.

Live. Love. But procreate like robots. Why? because even if you two had fifteen brothers and sisters that would land me in a mandatory work hog farm, I would not love even one of you little stinkers a shade less than the other.

Remember boys. despite how hard it is to be me, I love being your daddy, and I love knowing I am a daddy, regardless of interaction. I’m glad I wrote so much, for so long. I’m sure one day you two will get to read that recording of my brain. I love you both so much. No matter what bullshit you are fed.

– Dad