July 11th, 2006

Get out, get out,

I don’t need you,

Inside, I still feel you,

Let me go, it’s not what I thought it would be,

Me, I am not what I should be,

No, what a mistake,

Walking, talking,


The master, unfortunately,

You met me, the master of the mistake,

Alone, is how I belong,

So long, for so long,

So be smart, and destroy me,

See through the nothing that I will be,

Do you truly want hell,


What a pile, what a miserable pile of secrets,

Care to sift through those,

Dig in that pit,

I don’t give a shit,

I wonder somedays, I honestly wonder,

What it is, that is seen,

When I am seen,

The man I have been.

I would give you the loaded gun,

I would hand you the weapon to kill me,

Close my eyes and let you shoot me away,

I cannot stay,

Shoot me away,

Begging you, its true,

Arms open wide, inside,

I run and hide,

Writhe with my lies,

So close, no relief,

But one thing, only one thing,


Priceless sleep, terrible sleep,

And they come to drive me mad,

I wait, but the voices return,

I see you, clouds of black, little shades,

I watch you form, I see you take shape,

I am your friend today,

Come join me, and tell me what you plan,

What do you want from me,

To take my sleep?

Yours, and yours it is,

Haunt me not, I know you well,

We are old friends you and I,

Make me scream without a sound,

Make me move,

Terror I cannot cope with,

I wait for you,

To give you my sanity,

Yours, always yours,

I am not whole anymore,

Missing pieces as I roll,

Slowly, wonderfully,


And it burns, oh lord how it burns.