You may feel alone, and cold, or forgotten and old.
There may be a piece of you missing,
tender flesh that I have blessed.

Maybe your love feels far away,
on this man made day.
At your side, or in my house,
It is given to you the same.

and I speak to you from a heathens mouth,
one who does not love me like you,
the same way you saw I loved the destitute,

know that I know, that you love me like you do,
and all those things that you love and hold dear,
I will keep them here,
waiting for you.

Do not be afraid,
Do not be discouraged,
Do not be dismayed,
Be strong and courageous,

With my righteous hand I will uphold you.

Carry your pain, dry your tears,
cup my hands and ease your fears,
I am everywhere daughter, so ask anytime you need.
I am always near.

Freely you have given, so now freely receive,
the best of your time, you have yet to see,

Take heart little angel and envy none other,
No flower out-blooms the love of the Father.