I could never listen, to lamentation, when it echoed my situation.
Love lost, or unrequited.
Even in song,
that heartbreak,
I could never take.

In that way, it was as if I had never seen you,
I could not have imagined this to be true.
Here and there, I would watch you come and go,
Sadly singing inside, say it aint so.

Every haunting note from Dido,
added melancholy idle.

And Gavin Degraw loving his girl,
well, it sorta made me want to hurl.

A funny thing happened though, with a certain song.
Instead of sadness and longing, I began to sing along.
Suddenly, At Last, it seemed to me,
those songs that brought tears,
weren’t quite as sad, as I made them out to be.

So cue up some Death Cab for Cutie my cutie,
my soul met my body, made me into we.
No longer is music made sad by reflection,
my sight of the songs colored by your affection.