I wish I were a Commodore, 64,
I would say hello, 8, 1,
Is it me, you’re looking for?

I would look at your blue screen,
Loading, loading, loading,
Until I see, comma you, comma me.

The menu scrolls down, and it’s Pirates! I see,
a few hours of pixels and plunder I need,
a ship full of mutinous scoundrels I feed,

….sigh…maybe I’ll find my caribbean queen…

but first, I’ll throw a fastball,
then maybe a screwball,
hit a homer with my blue team pitcher in hardball,

oh if I were fred savage, I think I could manage,
I’d find my own winnie..

but this time, it would be you,
not another pooh..

find me the master of love DnD,
and roll me a character better than me,
a higher charisma, and stamina to boot,
charm spells and potions and chests full of loot,

but I can’t save this game on a spare floppy,
I was given just this single copy.

This heart and this head make a perilous sum,
burning eyes in my mind leave nothing but one.