Oh…hi…I didn’t see you there.

Just to be clear, it’s not like I wasn’t looking, I just never saw you look my way.

I know, we all have our days, don’t we?…
day, days, week, weeks, month, mon….oh come ON…

Are you fucking kidding me?

Alright, I should slow down, after all,
I’m not quite there anyhow.
Where is that?
Why, it’s that¬†¬†place where I have what you need.

Usually it’s some special attention or prestige,
something on which you can feed,
or maybe it’s someone you wish you knew,
that I might acquaint you to.

Perhaps I owe these sudden hugs,
to those I know who have the drugs,
you claim you’ve grown, as have your tastes,
in hopes that you might soon partake.

Did that little needle I will never feel, slip?
Perhaps it missed my lower lip, and marked my forehead instead.

So, rather than my mouth saying ‘go away’,
it seems I got stuck with, ‘born yesterday’.

I think I’ll spare the both of us my dear,
after all, things are not quite as they appear, to you.
Were life just the places I go, and the people I know,
you and I would be a hit,

but in my reality, you would never fit.