Monthly Archives: May 2011


I wondered how it would be, if I did things differently.

if I said everything you wanted to hear,
if I made myself clear.

I would take all the blame, accept all of the pain,
in the end, it would turn out exactly the same.

I can’t do what you do.
Find that old you, and make a new you.

Live right through these things made with you for nothing that I can see what makes you think you’re suddenly free from obligation to forget what you owe and live only sensation and love is not joy that gives one just elation but suffering in silence is no justification,

..maybe, I’d rather see, what’s right in front of me,
rather then use these eyes to cry, when I whisper goodnight.

So hard to find what motivates, when I fight so hard to not give in to hate.

I tell myself this outrage, is just a phase, of course it will end some day …but this short life feels so long, when chosen wrong.

But whats IN IT, Mr……Gaga??

Just Dance, Poker Face, Bad Romance, Paparazzi, Born this way……and on, and on, and oh my god please make it stop…

Yes ladies and gentlemen, we have a full blown epidemic on our hands. However, unlike the swine flu, there seems to be no slowing down this musical behemoth. So, come one, come all, into 1984, as TWYL presents another edition of, ‘But what’s IN IT Mr. Wonka??…featuring Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta*, more commonly known as, ‘Lady Gaga’.



The saying in the food industry goes, the first three listed ingredients of anything, make up almost the entirety of the product. If Lady Gaga were labeled like Corn Flakes, her ingredient list would read, Madonna, Madonna, and High Fructose Madonna. I’m not going to bother picking out any specific career point reference, as it seems that so far, ‘Germs’ is following a paint by number-like path to similar lasting notoriety.

Egg…? A large cigarette smoking vagina labeled ‘Ciccone’ would have made more sense IMHO.


Next, after we have given our latin man obsessed, absurdly blasphemous for no reason mixture some texture, we can add color. lightly sprinkle in several musical muppets, then top with a heavy dollop of Rolf.


Does this look familiar? If you thought something along the lines of, ‘hey, that looks like what Lady Gaga did at some awards ceremony!’, then my poster design for eugenics awareness is complete, and you dear reader, are to be the dire warning for irresponsible reproduction.

That, my mushy brained friends, is Salvador Dali, and ‘wabbit season, duck season’ didn’t have shit on him. They couldn’t make a toon this looney. However, he sure could paint some cool looking stuff, to put it mildly. Simply put, the man was a legend in the world of visual art, and had a moustache that could walk off with your girlfriend.

So next, add some ‘imitation’ modern art flavor to your mix, and let the mixture settle for a few years in various hole in the wall east village bars, then finally, mix in a random queen tune,


blend thoroughly until the general public is unable to even recognize the large chunks of ripped off and repackaged pop culture, then pour sloppily into a 1975 Liberace tour mug……………::drum roll::..




…and there you have it folks…so, until ‘Germy’ drops a tune I haven’t heard yet,


Live it, Love it, (leave the rats alone…they’re chewing the ropes..)



*thank you Kevin Colletti.