It’s so easy to fall into melancholy, without anybody.
No distractions, through interaction.

The now you treasure, slips to memory,
and memories, and memories,
…just how far must you go back,
to find a me that you’d rather be?

I wouldn’t have been like them, to them,
that much I know.
I made them, and they are all I will ever have,
that much I know…

..but not much else, about anything.
Facts fail when one must live,
and I can show Socrates logic’s collapse,
when eyes on a beach say that love ever lasts.

I love my perfect little boys,
and I know I’ve created way more than I’m worth.
My heart breaks when I think I’m not long for this earth.

Don’t think about the sun,
the stars, or the universe.

Because that little spot you see,
…I know, it looks so tiny,
but that you,
on that tiny little microscopic speck of earth,
in that ENORMOUS looking universe,

is a piece of me.

and to me,
you are everything.