Eyes meet across a crowded room,
suddenly, there are only two.

Pupils widen briefly in surprise,
at what they find,
but neither really knows what it means,
at the time.

A passing glance becomes a stare,
just going to get a drink,
“oh…pardon me, I didn’t see you there..”

She smiles at the clever lie,
and moves aside slightly,
letting his elbow brush hers,
ever so lightly.

For a moment they stand frozen,
eyes locked,
but not evaluating,

strangely warm,
amongst strangers.

For a moment he disappears,
and her panic ensues,
but there he is, walking,
she follows on cue.

Not wild passion,
nor reckless abandon,
gentle hands, soft caresses,
a finger slowly tracing a lovely jawline,

propped upon a small dispenser,
he enters.

Noses touching,
…eyes locked,

Before he can wonder where to release,
never taking her eyes away, she softly says,
“…in me”

The world falls away,
and a quiet like none other is upon them,
faces flushed in little death.


Quietly they dress.

“I think I fell in love with you”, he says.
“I think I did too”, she says.

They say no more,
and smile at their dates,
wisely spurning the gift of fate.