I’m going to be the weak one this time,
Let me define,
I want you to tell me, I mean the world to you,
and I want it to be true.

I want you to call me when I’m not there,
call me again, text me, find out where I’ve been.
Ask me all of those questions you think I should ask.
Don’t laugh.

We all wish this. All of us ‘real men’,
and all of us men, just the same.
Don’t you fucking realize that we feel just the same?
Are you all so dense?

Tell us that you want to know our story,
and how we felt about it,
and how we feel about you,
it’s not always just fucking about you.

I didn’t call you today,
I didn’t text you today,
Well guess what,

Guess fucking what?

Neither did you.

What did you learn?
What did you prove?

Am I really that much worse than you?..

You don’t have to give flowers,
Or pledge your soul.
Just for one fucking minute,
forget you have that power,
forget what you know,
pretend I, have something you desperately need,