I know every song that has been quoted,
Every lyric, and every word,
And what I’ve done to give it meaning, to you,
I’ve given it the same at times, that jab is nothing new.

Did I break your heart?
Leave you in pieces?

Did I take the warmth you gave,
Just to dig a frozen grave?

How cruel it must seem,
Those terrible things,
This terrible me, that you’ve plainly seen.

It appears from those heels to be only take,
My dear, shining virtue, and free from mistake,
So high on that throne, accusal doth linger,
I look away while you point that dirty old finger.

It’s so very hard to see from here,
The trail of hearts that strengthened your fear,
But I’ve seen the mirror that cleans your reflection,
Defines and denies me by righteous projection.

So put that clever line where all can see,
That lyric that speaks to the terrible me,
I promise to hurt, and admit it holds true,
As long as it comes from the terrible you.