Remember where the sidewalk ended?
The attic light, so bright.
That piece of you so sharply cut,
Smooth inside, but edges rough.

How silly it seemed, to be so hungry,
That you might eat an entire whale,
From head to tail.

Yet later on in life, by that same candlelight,
You might find that same meal, all too real.

It’s so hard to roll Shel, with a stomach full,
Why couldn’t you tell us, before you taught us?
Of desire, and love, and other such things,
That aching and sorrow will surely us bring.

What a wonderful thing to see as a child,
How silly it seemed to thump along sad,
Just a dream of my past, so rudely awoke,
So many pieces of me, mister, rolled out when I broke.

Show me where that sidewalk ends,
Please help me see that attic light,
I can only imagine the kind of pain you went through,
Help me, please,
I don’t want to be you.