Wouldn’t it be nice,
If you knew, the person who belonged with you?
Maybe on some cold autumn night,
You’d feel love at first sight.

Wouldn’t it be nice,
If you were hypnotized, by dazzling eyes?
No more wondering at all,
Just letting go and letting fall.

Please press rewind,
I want to watch that part, one more time.

Wouldn’t it be nice…

No, not there, just a little further back,
Right there, when somebody cared,

Wouldn’t it be nice,
If you didn’t need to build familiar,
Or start that often painful process,
To know enough to be content,
But never, ever, breed contempt.

Wouldn’t it be nice,
To have someone to call your own,
So even when you’re all alone,
You could think of them a little while,
And shine despair a wistful smile.

I missed that last part…
What did he say..?

One more time,
Please, yes, right there,
Press play,

Wouldn’t it be nice,
If words were things, like those above,
If words we used were truly love,
If words we meant would stick around,

But, stop,

Look around.

Wouldn’t it, be nice,
If whimsy, weren’t fiction?

If poetry were living truth,
I’d eat these words and be with you.