To all the girls around the world,
That make our boy heads spin and whirl,
I have the courage now to speak,
A message silenced by the meek,

Sometimes we all want what you think,


We always want just what you think,

(John, is it wise to post this link?)

::shhh…shadup and get me another drink::

Oh boy, I bet this sounds typical,

I bet you say it’s guys like me,
That made you SO cynical!

::well, I’d say from where I’m sitting….that sounds pretty typical::

But we men know all about excuses,
Based upon those past abuses,
The penalty we pay today,
Is charged to us from yesterday.

::pause a moment, and realize how, your memory has stolen now::

Oh pity me for not being first,
Perhaps with them you were coerced,
Or maybe it was silly fun,
That somehow turned you to a nun.

Or maybe you feel disrespected,
A value placed above the sum,

In any case we feel rejected,
We KNOW there was another one,

Just like us, and just like this,
Wishing for the same crude wish,
The fucking cricket chirped that day,

::you know, maybe I wanted, and wanted to stay, but I’ll give you what you expect, okay?::

If you mean something else, ladies, no words can ever say.