Eternal Sunshine Never Burns Mine.

Shouldn’t it always be,
That what you really want, is not what you will ever see,
The flower that will never bloom,
Comes from sun that will never be.

So what?…that I will never need you,
Isn’t that the point anyway?

Maybe we won’t talk for months,
But I will still think for all those days,

Maybe those dimples just make it so simple,
To say only here what I wish I could say,

But I know better,
We both know better, no?
A genuine high is worth ten thousand lows.

I’m almost steady, so I think that I’m ready,
This dip I will extend, indifference I’ll pretend,
I think that I’m ready,
I’ll never be ready.

Ironic I find, that I love only those,
No sense, in holding on, or letting go,
I guess it’s enough that I’ll never forget,
Those that I gave me without a regret.

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