Why should I wait, and wait, and sit and wait,
For someone so unkind as fate?
Should I quietly lie, and let her pass me by?

So many maybes before she’s my baby,
I might love that lady,
So maybe she’ll save me,

Or maybe I’ll never see, that her, turn to we.

Her fear, or my fear may get in the way,
What’s the difference? she might say,
If you go, or stay.

But just you wait
Wait, wait, wait,
Me and you might someday be great,

So then why does now, feel so much like later?
And why does new skin feel so often savored?
I know of no gods that owe me this favor.

I’d kill all the maybes to make her my baby,

Give all that I have to stand next to that lady,

Pull all the blocks that are holding up go,
If only you knew what I already know.