Do you remember when you saw my face?
Your eyes lit up like heated coals.
Now I find they’ve been replaced,
That frozen stare blows bitter cold.

A smile that you said gave you shivers,
A soul reflected in every gaze.
Screams of passion while you quivered,
My existence, just a phase.

I see this row of pretty faces,
Looking back on down the line,
Of truth and love I see no traces,
The hurt was knowing I wasn’t blind,

I’ll keep on looking for that snapshot,

Creation of infatuation,

Rapture fully captured,

A moment frozen before your eyes forgot,

I’ll keep on looking for that snapshot,

I might see different color eyes, every time,
Green, or brown, or gray or blue,
I might see a different face, every time,
No matter how many times,
It’ll never be you.