Monthly Archives: September 2010

Just a Little Patience.

Why should I wait, and wait, and sit and wait,
For someone so unkind as fate?
Should I quietly lie, and let her pass me by?

So many maybes before she’s my baby,
I might love that lady,
So maybe she’ll save me,

Or maybe I’ll never see, that her, turn to we.

Her fear, or my fear may get in the way,
What’s the difference? she might say,
If you go, or stay.

But just you wait
Wait, wait, wait,
Me and you might someday be great,

So then why does now, feel so much like later?
And why does new skin feel so often savored?
I know of no gods that owe me this favor.

I’d kill all the maybes to make her my baby,

Give all that I have to stand next to that lady,

Pull all the blocks that are holding up go,
If only you knew what I already know.

The Prettiest Picture is the One Unseen.

I can’t see, how you see me,
Outside, your eyes, paint pictures,
I’m sure you know me to a tee,
That person I will never be,

Interpret pieces read and seen,
Insert them into your ideals,
Suddenly you are so keen,
On this person fresh and clean,

Gloss across the ugly signs,
Not felt, you say they’ll be just fine,

Remind yourself you must be fair,
Pretend you entered unaware,

Your intimacy soon breeds contempt,
From love you swore was heaven-sent,
Endearing traits, pathetic tricks,
Suddenly there is no difference,

No need to say I told you so,
I saw it first, just so you know,
I glossed like you, and acted well,
To spend some time with you in hell.


Do you remember when you saw my face?
Your eyes lit up like heated coals.
Now I find they’ve been replaced,
That frozen stare blows bitter cold.

A smile that you said gave you shivers,
A soul reflected in every gaze.
Screams of passion while you quivered,
My existence, just a phase.

I see this row of pretty faces,
Looking back on down the line,
Of truth and love I see no traces,
The hurt was knowing I wasn’t blind,

I’ll keep on looking for that snapshot,

Creation of infatuation,

Rapture fully captured,

A moment frozen before your eyes forgot,

I’ll keep on looking for that snapshot,

I might see different color eyes, every time,
Green, or brown, or gray or blue,
I might see a different face, every time,
No matter how many times,
It’ll never be you.