All alone, I look at this screen,  just me,
I record this electronic scream,
It’s so easy, you say,
Just breathe, and let it be,

But nothing you say is any help,
To my mental health,
I shake like a wet dog anyway,
The pain of every memory, stuck on replay,

I have to live it again, and again,
Remorse without end,
It’s never long before I wish for my days to be over,
Then I cease to be sober,

I’ll work up the courage this time,
In my selfish mind,
Find a way to escape this self hate,
Not a soul will ever know, until it’s too late,

My soul was crushed with a single no,
So now I only wish to go,
My only savior wishes to be my friend,
But I loved her just as much,

and it crushed me again.

I hope I can be strong,
And end this before long,
In my mind, I can see so many cry, why did you do this, why?
No one ever understood, before I took my final breath,

I was already gone.