Miami FLA, 2004

(a phone can be heard ringing faintly amidst the blare of Judy Garland singing ‘over the rainbow’. Meanwhile, two men lie asleep and undressed, entwined on a large couch)

::sound of a man yawning::


“Ricky, it’s me, Alejandro, I have news”

(other man wakes up and begins to speak, but Ricky makes a soft shushing sound and indicates with his hand that Judy needs to be turned down)

“Ah..sokay, is something wrong?”

“Well, no, but a little jes”

(Ricky sits up a little now, dislodging his companion who pouts and crawls under the thin blanket they are sharing)

“Is everything okay Alejandro…are you in any kind of trouble?”

“No, no, Ricardo, mihijo, it’s about a song”

(Ricky settles down a bit, and a muffled wet sound can be heard under the blanket)

“Ahh, okay, ah…ha…tell me”

“Well, this guy, he wants to cover your song, “She Bangs”, we have a request from his label..”

“Okay, so take care of it..”

(Alejandro can be heard sputtering as Ricky leans back a moment and puts his free hand on top of the bobbing patch of blanket)

“B-b-uttt, Ricky, this singing, ay dios, es un chino Ricky, my ears bleed..!”

(Ricky holds the patch in place for a moment)

“Chino? really?”

“Jes Ricky, some chino, William Hung, we can’t let this happen”

(Ricky lets out a guffaw)

“Wait, wait, Alejandro, Hung..his name is really Hung..?”

(A muffled ‘mmhmmm’ can be heard under the covers)

“Jes, jes Ricky, okay, so I send letter back saying sorry but….”

“No, no Alejandro, that will not be necessary.”

(Alejandro sputters again)

“W-why is that Ricky..?”

“Tell Mr. ‘Hung’ that he has a green light”

(Giggles come from under the covers and Ricky struggles not to openly laugh)

“Ricky, mihijo, wait..”

“Make it happen Alejandro. If this ‘Hung’ guy wants Ricky Martin, then he’s got it!”


(Ricky and his guest fall off the couch laughing, eventually making it up from the floor some 6 hours later)