What a blessing it is, to call you friend,
To share your smiles, and tears,
A shoulder I will gladly lend,
To hold you close and face those fears,

So many times I sat alone,
Knowing not a soul,
Yet you could break me from that lonely place,
With just a smile, lift me from low,

It means so much to me,
To mean something to you,
So high or low,
I’ll see it through, right next to you,

I don’t know who listens, but gladly I will pray,
Please lend an eye to my lady,
This beautiful lady,
Keep her safe and strong, and out of harms way,

I did not let the tears reach my eyes,
Because for a short while away, I refuse to cry,
Days will pass, months will race,
Soon I will feel your warm embrace.

I miss you already.