Well, facebook sure opens up a world of fun and enjoyment doesn’t it?  I hardly think I would have had the pleasure of indulging this healthy being without my renewed participation.  Enjoy!


Xaxrsis is available (5:20:25 PM)
Xaxrsis (5:19:03 PM): Alas, from the void a glistening star arises out of nothingness, then all was as before… Vast nothingness for eternity.
Xaxrsis is available (5:20:25 PM)
Xaxrsis (5:19:35 PM): To consume all that dare breathe a sigh for all that was, and shall would have been as testament.
Tobas of T (5:21:01 PM): captain kirk?
Xaxrsis (5:22:00 PM): But then how does one cope with such knowledge? A catastrophe in the making hidden in the minds of those blood bound to keep such things unbeknownst to common man?
Tobas of T (5:22:21 PM): this is simple
Tobas of T (5:23:52 PM): once amongst the stars, engage warp drive, and bid adieu to those nasty klingons once and for all, afterwards, several pan galactic gargle mindblasters should serve to strengthen coping skills immeasurably
Xaxrsis (5:26:50 PM): I should have anticpated such things cometh from the mind of one so unenlightened. I am finished with you. To alter causality is to play God; You are simply unaware of the fate that has befallen you. We shall meet face to face in the coming days. Until then. adieu.
Tobas of T (5:27:41 PM): yup. nigga got galactic. say word.