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What a wonderful world.

It must have been a fluke,
A strange bit of nature,
I must have seen a certain look,
Something that I could relate to,

A genuine smile I gave for a while,
Look it’s me out now from under,
When I stand to leave,
I know that it won’t last much longer,

So I go home and fall apart,
No way to fix this broken heart,

Believe that I now feel this fear,
What was so far is now so near,

No one gets to see within,
Person met is person skimmed,

But I will not allow a touch,
Too close to me is now too much,
One stoplight left until my home,
Is when I’m left to cry alone,

What pains my body I can take,
But what’s left inside,
I put aside.

There’s a point somewhere,
It just escapes me.
There’s a better way,
But violence elates me.

I’ve had all I can stand, and I can’t stands it no more.

I cannot take it anymore. That’s it. I have reached my limit.



So what’s the big, huge problem you ask?



that little blond cunt ex-wife of his gets on my nerves too.

Can everyone just stop paying attention to these irresponsible fuck-tards already? If I have to see his stupid Hoobastanked face anymore while standing in line to buy groceries I’m going to lose my shit and burn that bitch down.

Lookit me! I’m a chubby Ed Hardy wearing douche with eighteen-thousand kids!

How anyone is able to cover a ‘story’ on these fucking dipshits and keep a straight face is inexplicable to me.

A short while back I happened to catch Diane Sawyer on GMA reporting on some idiotic aspect of these arguments for eugenics. I wondered if she was thinking something along the lines of, ‘seriously? I have to try to convey some sense of gravity to this garbage?’

Good thing for her all that work shes had has rendered her mostly unable to utilize facial expressions in any meaningful way.


Until journalism becomes a respectable profession again,

Live it, Love it (stop FUCKING supporting it)


That’s a sad story old man.

When it was time, I looked right into your eyes,
Every time.

Just like you asked, upon release,
Until my stunted breath and shaking ceased.

You said to me, it was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen,
While I looked into those eyes so green,
Nothing was left in between.

In that moment it suddenly stopped,
All that kept me safe, and kept me apart.

I realize now, I didn’t think it through,
When I gave that gift to you,

But I can’t take it back,
So alone I stay when whole I lack,

Time will teach, when you grow older,
And burdens pile upon your shoulders,
Complete is few and far between,
Love that’s true is rarely seen,

So know that I hold all those looks,
Bound within like precious books,

In time you will see it as time between,
So much to me it will always mean.

and on this false hope I lean,
and on this false hope I lean,
never, never, never,
say what I mean,

make one mistake, one mis-step,
duck right instead of left,

make one mistake,

Regretful Evolution.

Once upon a time, this time used to matter.
What time is it, and where are you,

And what are you doing,
At this time, that should be mine.

I would say that I never took it as serious as I should,
Or considered it as I could.

How unkind are these lonely times,
To think this hard of life on guard,
What was I protecting, but myself projecting,
I thought I gave everything.

More than myself was motivation,
So I left it all where it belonged,
Nothing to show to those who want it all,
Crawling and screaming and inching along,

Inside somewhere hidden it lingered,
Knowing even now that what was there is gone.

This monster I hide.
He who redeems my pride.
Make it count, reward me, raise your voice in cheer,
For that I will change, for that I am here.

To those who have taught in noble ways,
I am but a disgrace.

Later I will be sorry, with swollen parts throbbing,
But just now give me something to break,
Give me someone to break,
Let me hear that awful squeal, almost surreal.

I barely knew your name,
But for three hundred dollars,
A lifetime, lame.

I want you to know.
I am sorry.

I did not think at that time,
This guilt would be mine,
Allowed the monster to revel in fame,
But I know who is to blame.

Call me small,
Words that appall,
Insults formed of clever curses,
Said in form of clever verses,

Bills in stacks and weapon racks,
Prizes offered, seldom won,
Find a different outlet demon,
Sport of self is this day done.

What a terrible mistake.
To give it all away.
To give you all away.
All that is left behind is pain.
Which begets pain,

No real way to cope,
Or thought of hope,
So back I go.

I wont win them all,
Or lose them all,
But my senses will go dull one day in full,
So all I say, and all I do is just until,

I enjoy what I can, pretending to plan.

Time slips by like grains of sand,
Not long will I have to move like I can,
For very little would I ever pray,
But I ask any god, who would hear when I supplicate,
Please I beg,
Don’t ever let those precious boys turn out like me one day.

And those are the truest and saddest words I will choke on while I say.


Haven’t had one of these in a bit.

Yes indeed, I believe it’s high time for the, QoTW!

A random young lady observes to Boone that going out somewhere different is a good change of pace, and “change is a good thing..”

To which Boone replies,

“I got enough change… it’s called obama.”