I’ll admit, I often come up with some ideas that could be termed, kooky.  A great many of these have to do with our bodies and how we use them, and what we are capable of with them.  Look, I figure, if I’m gonna be stuck in this rotting flesh bag for a gaggle of decades, I may as well see how many tricks it has before it disintegrates like an ed hardy t-shirt after three wearings.  As a result, I do my best to keep up with the most current medical research.  It is with this idea in mind that I present,

What I have learned.

We are little teensy-tiny infants in terms of how much we know about our bodies, how they work, and ultimately what their capabilities are.

Exhibit A:

People can learn to fucking echolocate.  Uh huh, like a bat, or a dolphin.  If you keep practicing it, eventually your brain will learn to process the sound coming back to you through the audio AND visual portions of that slimy gray lump you call a brain.

Are you following me here people?

Audio, and VISUAL.  Meaning, yes, you can basically learn to “see” in the dark.

According to the researchers: “The higher the frequency, the more precise details you can see”



Exhibit B:

I have always loved biology as a subject, but oddly enough I could hardly stand to sit through the many courses I took in it throughout high school and college.  I believe this can be attributed more to the quality of instruction than the actual subject matter, but I digress.

Ah, the human body.  A wonder of evolutionary engineering!

Break your arm, it heals.  Cut your thighs because mommy didn’t love you, they close.  Drink until you end up in a five man bathroom stall gang-bang, and your swollen liver will filter it out.  Boy, we sure can bounce back from shit can’t we?

But this happens all the time.  Whether or not injury is involved, our bodies are constantly regenerating our cells.  Cells die, we make new ones.  Well, everywhere except for one place.  The brain.  This is the part of the course where I would shake my head and mutter something like, ‘think we need a few more evolutionary cycles people’.

The MOST essential organ we possess.  Does NOT regenerate itself.  This is biological canon.  You lose brain cells, bye bye brain cells, forever.

I have never been a fan of this view.  Because for starters, evolution is cruel, opportunistic, and merciless, but it isn’t stupid.  Having a brain that is unable to re-growre-wire itself is not evolutionarily sound.  It is not A priority organ, it is THE priority organ.  However, like most commonly held beliefs I find ridiculous based on principle, I lack the time and resources to conclusively prove them otherwise.

Luckily, I don’t have to.  It seems there are still some open-minded smarty smart pants folk left out there.



Exhibit C:

“Oooh, mah belly hurts!”

“Well maybe you shouldn’t have eaten an entire bag of fronions and washed it down with a six of pabst blue ribbon, sucka!”

“No, no, I think it’s my appendix!”

Junior may, or may not be correct about that.  However that matters little.  The fact is, your appendix gets funky, you toss it like a diaper genie that got too full and will render you unconscious should you even think of attempting to change the bag cartridge.  Yes, I have done this.

No appendix, no problem, right?  It’s a vestigial organ! It has no use!

Hm, okay, it certainly seems that way, how-ever, I have one eensy-weensy problem with that.  Our body allots precious resources towards its maintenance.  Blood carrying oxygen and nutrients is delivered there the same as anywhere else it is needed.  Evolution is a lot of things, but it isn’t…see above.

Turns out, Evolution wins again.



As a whole, very few things about people are actually set in stone. Our DNA is constantly changing. How? Simple, DNA is basically a thin row of protein “dimmer” switches that for the most part stay within a certain predetermined range. However, something as simple as repetitive thought, or a highly charged emotional event is enough to evoke a change. Imagine what will happen as our world continues to change the way it is, and mutagens begin to proliferate and intensify. This is not science-fiction. This is fact.

Let’s get some X-Men up in this bitch.

I call shot Wolverine!


Until it’s revealed that Cookie Monster is Beasts bastard half-brother,

Live it, Love it (me want celery!!…..huh? what the fuck?)