I saw a picture today of what was,
And another of what is to be,
Neither one included me.

What a pretty face in that painted space,
Flowing strands between delicate hands,
Roughly knitted top replaced.

I tore you all out from emotions assigned,
But it seems as if yours burrowed deep and entwined,
Some way to remove it, one day I’ll find.

In the meantime..

I’ll go get wasted,
‘Til sorrows not tasted,

I’ll take a beating,
‘Til most of mes bleeding,

I’ll let life take its course,
And then scream ’til I’m hoarse,

But, in the meantime..

I saw a picture today,
Things look so good,
I’m so happy this way,

What a thrill it must be to now have control,
You will learn, while I burn,
But never know it at all.

I’ll continue the pretense, dispense all the intense,
Nonchalance is a virtue,
‘Cause I’m fine here without you..

No, really… seriously, it’s not even about you, no, I mean somebody else.. before you,
It’s cool, listen, be safe okay?  I’ll see you around sometime,

But in the meantime..

I’ll date here and there,
Try not to compare,

I’ll go back to the bottle,
Right back to that bottle,

I’ll write a sad poem,
With hardly a meaning,

I’ll wait ’til it’s late, so I can sleep and keep dreaming..


In the meantime…

I’ll try to be quiet when I wake up at night,
Convulse into tears, but hold them in tight,

Like everything good and the long painful bad,
I know that you too, must also come to pass,

But in the meantime I’m here, and it hasn’t left yet,
I miss you so much,
But I’ll try to forget.