Jon Gosselin Assaulted!

Exclusive! (booyaka!)

TWYL has obtained images from a video shot earlier today of an altercation involving the “octo-dad” himself! In the two stills you can clearly see Gosselin mouthing off, and then getting a fist right in that gaping food hole of his.


Here’s the first still, showing an angry Jon Gosselin yelling at a much smaller man.

And here in number two, public longing is fulfilled at last!


We have also obtained the identity of the suspected assailant in the video:

The alleged suspect (hero) in the video is none other than Nintendo superstar Little Mac.

He was last seen wearing pink sweats running away along a pier with a scenic view of New York City scrolling by. It is believed that he may have had some help escaping arrest from a bicycle riding boxing trainer named “Doc”.

Go, Lil Mac Go!

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