I was flipping through the radio dial this morning when I paused for a moment on some morning show blabbing about entertainment news.  Normally, this would elicit a sigh of disgust and another flipping, however, I listened for about 30 seconds and found myself raging at my radio.

The two smarmy jocks were discussing how the girlfriend of hooba-face (aka: Jon Gosselin) had angrily updated her twitter.  The gist of it was that people were misinformed about them, and that if we believed such and such we could go screw.

She ended her ‘tweet’ with, “Bunch of Helen Kellers!”

She was of course, referring to the public, in an overall way.

I thought, well now, I suppose she just called me Helen Keller.  Alright, lets all learn what that means together.


Helen Keller was a woman born healthy in 1880, who at the age of 19 months, contracted an unknown illness, and was rendered deaf AND blind.  Can any of you imagine suddenly going blind?  Or deaf?  Then throw in the fact that she was a toddler, just starting to understand the sensory information that would shape her as a human being.  So in essence, the child was abruptly thrown into a pitch black vacuum.

Bear in mind, this was the late 19th century.  Doctors were still called ‘leeches’ in some parts.

Despite this, she managed to learn how to communicate, and became a writer.  She graduated from Radcliffe in 1904, becoming the first (and probably only) deaf and blind person to earn a Bachelors degree (BA in Arts).  She became involved in numerous social causes, wrote countless newspaper articles, and campaigned tirelessly in support of the views she believed in.  She was also a founding member of the ACLU.

Do I have to even say it?

The woman was a fucking GIANT amongst people.  I look at her list of accomplishments in awe, knowing that if I even do a small fraction of what she did, I will have done much good with my life.  This is all coming from a woman who could not see, or hear.


And who exactly is Hailey Glassman?

Some spoiled fucking snot-nosed little bitch, who is known because she is dating a fat, philandering, despicable quasi-samoan pseudo celebrity.

Enjoy that gravy train while it lasts my dear, because my watch is showing this whole sordid tale at about the 13 and a half minute mark.  Which may, or may not leave you with roughly a minute and a half.  This all depends on whether Mr. Potato head actually keeps you around that long.

So in closing, thank you Ms. Glassman.  May we all find the inner strength and courage to be as great as Helen Keller.  And may your future as a crack-whore with Potato head hooba-face as your pimp be nothing short of blissful.


Until that uppity cunt gets her apology,

Live it, Love it (RESPECT it bitch)