Beer: 0 Scotch: 7 (Don’t be jealous, there’s nothing to be envious about…bwahahahaha, I’m just fuckin with ya)

In all seriousness, a guy who my friends and I all regard as “The Mayor”, just lost his #1 voter.  I learned of this last Friday.  He’s a great guy and so much more. I cannot even find the words to describe this; and I’ve been through it! Conversely, he, and his brothers, #1 voter was happy to have 3 Mayors in her life. So I was not shocked to find his voicemail box full by the time I called him: Z100 would have had a tough time filling their queue in a fraction of the time.

I’ve been silent lately due to rogue Chinese activity (BTW, thanks for monetizing my $40,000 pay raise. I love it when you retards give me a challenge, it’s like instant lottery). Anyway the event in the first paragraph makes me realize how important it is to appreciate and value genuine friends.  People that will not lie to you because they feel ashamed: *cough*leaving for Ca. 2 weeks ago and faking being somewhere else*cough* , but you can accept them, and love them for who they are.  I mention this because I just had an awkward date that I don’t think gets this, but it was at my expense. In hind-sight it was pretty funny,  and CH3CH2OH has a way of making me see the humor in some really awkward situations. This brings me to my date Friday. The day a good friend of mine experienced a tragedy.

I would have to say the only good thing to come that day (07/24/2009) was that, I helped my parents solidify their dreams. Everything else was a nightmare:

1. I heard that a beautiful person is no longer around to share a good time with.

2. I got an email from an estranged individual telling me something I already knew happened 2 weeks prior (hacking works).

3. I have some horrible friends that really could give a fuck-all about me.

4. I dated a girl that really could give a fuck-all about the tosspot you are all reading about.

By now you can guess why I have no meaningful title to this post.  The title was there, and left, just seemingly as this conversation. But there is a reason.  Sadly it was #4 in my list above. I’ve called one lady in my life “Bitch”, this girl deserves the second title after I told my mom how horribly wrong this date went.  I don’t think this girl was a bitch, but I’ve been treated worse, so without further ado…The reason for my forgetful title.

I left my rents place to meet this Jewish chick (I say “chick” meaningfully) I’ve been talking with.  Her favorite color is purple, so I pulled an old-fashioned move and brought her some flowers.  I can’t really go into details (I’m lying, I’m too drunk/lazy) as to why this date went South, but she mysteriously had friends appear at the bar that she had not “seen” since junior high. She grew up in the Bronx.  This was insulting.  Normally, I take this opportunity to just really ruin ego’s, but instead. I was Marvin Gaye: I played the fool.  I did it knowingly. I was trying to be polite, and the more I was, the more this chick dug in.  It is my biggest regret this year.  I should have brought to her attention her poor taste, class and lack of character.  Instead, I met her “surprise” friends and watched her skip away.  I took a last sip of my beer, looking down noticing she left the purple flowers I had brought her as well. I don’t hold grudges, but…there’s a big “but” here,  I demand respect.

So to Ms. Jewy-loser, I know you work for a non-profit art business that tries to raise money for  whatever endeavour it is that you command a paycheck.  You just happened to blow off one of your best potential customer(s).

This all brings me back to why I need to value my friends that I find genuine.  You all need to do it too.  They do not come along often, and while they do get lost *cough*getthefuckouttacalifornia*cough*, you should value them.  I find I value people the most who have the least to offer.  And for that, I am a grateful, drunken, fuck.