I would just like to take a moment to welcome some new readerssubscribers, and to formally introduce Sam.

As you can see below, the girl can sure put them words together all purty-like.

And, as you also can see, it seems to be a rule of thumb that in order to contribute to TWYL, you must be a dram of beefeater away from alcohol poisoning.

So, to the n00bs, scroll up and down, flip the pages, etc.  or, just go to the sidebar and click a category for instant access to posts filed in whatever vein suits you.  There is also a nifty little search bar smack in the middle.  Ever wonder what I think about the taste of urine?  Simply type urine, hit search, and wonder no more! (actually I don’t think I ever wrote about the taste of urine, but I can never be completely sure about these things).

We growin’ like the tomato plants in vincenzos garden.

(you puu-ta da beeer ein de deesh, eh-slug, die, die, die)